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Razgovori Sa Zrcalom Psihologija Samopouzdanja 42.pdf. Razgovori Sa Zrcalom Psihologija Samopouzdanja 42.pdf.pdf))" } ] } If someone could help me with this problem, that would be great. Thanks. A: If you use JSON.parse(string), it will return an object. For example: JSON.parse("{"a":"b"}"); Output: { a: "b" } If you just want to get a string, just add ',' in the string before you do JSON.parse() In the first line of your code you have created an empty object with the variable name "array" and in the next line you are printing "array.length" so after that it is an empty object not an array. You can check it with: alert(typeof(array)); If you want it to be an array use: array = []; And if you are using chrome you have to install JSON Viewer Whistleblower Activists Facing Fear of Jail are Still Using Twitter By Sandy English 1 August 2014 Twitter is experiencing a huge surge in postings of information and commentary about the political persecution of government whistleblowers and officials. The number of tweets mentioning the phrase “whistleblower” in the month of July is almost 60 percent higher than in the same period last year. The increase follows three months of steady growth. Among the more than 13,000 tweets on the topic in July alone, 72 percent were from accounts with 100 or fewer followers. More than a third were from accounts with fewer than 10 followers. The vast majority of the tweets were posted by users who are not professionally involved in the whistleblowing issue. The analysis of tweets makes clear the enormous power of the internet in exposing the real character of the US political system. This power comes into its own in a society where the President has openly declared his intention to use state power to destroy political opposition. The reports of the internal investigation conducted by Twitter following its announcement in March of a strategic partnership with Facebook and an admission of a lack of adequate security are revealing. The report makes it clear that Twitter is aware of the extraordinary




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Razgovori Sa Zrcalom Psihologija Samopouzdanja 42.pdf jamkell

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